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Meet our Traders

Dale J. Pinkert

Trading Time: 30 Years
Position: Head Forex Trader and Mentor

Dale has over 30 years of trading experience in the Financial Markets, specializing in commodity futures & currency trading.

Background: Dale is a former Floor Trader & Member of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Index & Options Division). He ran and operated his own Introducing Broker, Pinkert Commodities.
Appearances: His views and perspectives have been aired on the following Financial Television and Radio stations. CNBC (Market Mavens & Power Lunch), FNN (The Financial News Network) KWHY TV (The Business Channel Los Angeles) Channel 26 TV ( Chicago, Milwaukee) KMNY Radio (Southern California) KCEO radio (San Diego) KFNN radio (Phoenix)
Dale Says (Pinkertisms):

"The difference between pros and amatueurs, is pros know how to lose so they have money left to be right with"

"We shouldn't expect perfection at the craps table"

Favourite Quote:

W.D. Gann "If you don't learn how to change your mind, you won't have any change left"


Mark Rayner

Trading Time: 6 Years
Position: Assistant Forex Trader and Adminsitration

Mark has been trading Forex for 6 years.

Background: Before I caught the trading bug, I was in the design and marketing industry as an educator and lecturer.
Appearances: I was once on the TV, but I slipped off.
Mark Says:

"Trading is the hardest simple thing you will ever do."

"You are closest to success just beyond the point you're about to give up"


Favourite Quotes:

"Most traders take a good system and destroy it by trying to make it into a perfect system." - Unknown

"We must remove the emotional element as quickly as possible in trading. If you can do it before you put on a position, you have a good start." - Unknown



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30 Years of Experience
Commodity & Currency Trader
Former Chicago Floor Trader
Guest on CNBC, FNN, KWHY +
Former Commodity Broker
Today's Market Talk

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

It was a "red day" across all asset classes, Crude Oil & Gold down, Equities down FX down all tied to the lynchpin of dollar strength.

Picture a balloon being blown up and then the air is released, the dollar is the air hose. When the dollar is weak air flows into the balloon and prices expand (go up), when the dollar is strong the air in the balloon is released and prices fall (go down, deflate).

We believe in the coming days, the EURUSD will trade below last Friday's low of 1.3450 and set up a counter trend buying opportunity and the air will flow back into the balloon. stay tuned......

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