Forex Signal Live Questions

Do you have independent third party verification of your signal results?

Yes we use a third party company called to track all our results. Read more about them here.

Who's behind Forex Signal Live?

Forex Signal Live was created by Forex Traders.

How do I know you are a reputable company?

We are a fully transparent company;

  • You can call us on the telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week: 778 516 1165
  • We publish results from live trading accounts.

How does your Auto Trade duplicator work out the correct trade size for my account?

You have full control of this and choose your own trade size.

How do I receive Technical support?

You can contact us by telephone: 778 516 1165 USA/Pacific Time zone: GMT -8 or by email. We pride ourselves on our technical support and are one of the few companies to offer our telephone number on our web site. Nothing to hide!

I am looking for signals to be sent either to my e-mail or to my mobile phone, can you do that?

Our auto signal duplication software has the ability to send emails. This is set up by the customer on their own PC. Email and SMS will only be suitable if you subscribe to traders who trade with pending orders more. A day trader, on the 15 minute chart will mostly place market orders and the email will reach you too late. This is why we created the auto duplicator, so you do not miss trades. It's the best option and eliminates the need for email.

What is the maximum margin % used at any one time?

This really depends on how m any traders you work with at once. Most traders will not risk more than 1.5% at any one time. It is best to contact us and let us know which trader you wish to work with, we can then answer the question in more detail.

What technical requirements are there for the Auto Trade Duplicator?

All you need is a MetaTrader account.

Can anyone see the contents of my trading account when using the duplicator?

No the signals are only sent in one direction, we cannot receive information about your account.