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This is a new idea of updating my trades on a daily basis for those who wish to follow my results. I hope to be able to update every day but may skip a day or two if my work load is too high. I will do my best to keep it current.

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September 24th

Net break even on the Euro

+ 55 pips on the GBP. Once again it's easy to see afterwards that it dropped off a cliff for 200 pips and lament because you 'missed them'. You cannot think this way. Another time it may turn around after 60 pips and you lament that you should have taken profit. Stick to the plan!

+ 39 on the JPY

Net -9 pips on the Aussie

September 23rd

Waiting for the FOMC to be out of the way

September 22nd

Even though it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that the FOMC rates wont change, We'll wait for it to be out of the way on the 23rd before looking for any new trades.

September 21st

A perfect breakout trade from a wedge formation

September 16th

Nice Gold Trade

Oil was not so friendly today..

GBP one win one loss, net -13

Nice one on the Geppy

Aussie delivered

September 15th
Lots of news today and Mr Fed Chairman talking, decided not to trade anything

September 14th
One EUR Trade today

September 11th
The combination of Friday trading and September 11th 2001 anniversary has caused the lack of volume and direction. No trades today.

September 10th
The GBP gave us a false breakout to the downside but we managed to pick up the slack on the stop and reverse. A net trade of 17 pips.

September 9th

Stopped out so we just went for 20 on the stop and reverse to bring the total to break even.



The GBP is the super star this month, another nice little trade

The Euro was due for a little breakout, and breakout it did. Not a bad little trade for 50.

September 8th

The GBP delivers a nice trade again. It really took off after the trade but you can't let that bother you. Stick to the rules! On another day it may have swung around and took you into a loss. Take profit where you plan to.


USD/JPY 33 pips

Gold, one loss for -33 pips then we stop and reversed and picked up 55 in the other direction. Cancelled out the -33 and ended with a net gain of 22 pips. Having the guts to stop and reverse, rather than just stop pays off again!

September 7th
Labor Day USA and Canada, No Trades
September 4th
Non Farm Payroll Day, The biggest news release of the month. We do not trade on this day. No trades
September 3rd
Day before Non Farm Payroll Day. We do not trade as the market is waiting for the biggest number on the month to be released on Friday.
September 2nd
2nd Day before Non Farm Payroll Day. We do not trade as the market is waiting for the biggest number of the month to be released on Friday.
September 1st
One trade on the GBP/USD for 60 pips

August 31st

Aussie for 42 pips

Broke even on the USD/JPY trade

Nice GBP/USD trade for 72 pips


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