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Forex Signal Trading Explained

There are many different types of forex signal trading services. Very often, this is a last resort for a struggling trader. It's very important to understand what you are getting into. If you find a bad signal service, it may end up being the last straw.

How do you find a good service?
It's important to realize that being sent trades by email (or any other way), without any contact with the trader, will mostly lead to disaster. If you join a service like that, you will find it very hard to follow the recommendations. Especially if your trading woes are due to a lack of confidence.This is why I make my self fully accessible to my members. I'm right there in the chat room when I send the trades. They know I'm trading what I send, and I'm trading my own money too. In short, it creates confidence.

Another overlooked factor to signal services, is the delivery medium, and the style of trading. A signal service who delivers short day trades, usually make last minute decisions. They have to get that signal out to you in time for you to react, and place your own trade. The lag time often causes their members to get in later than they do. The same happens on the exit. On a trade of 30 pips, getting in 1 minute later and getting out 1 minute later can cost half the gains. Of course the signal service still reports 30 pips, even though most of the traders could not actually duplicate it.

At Forex signal trading live, we trade higher timeframe's and nearly always use limit orders. These orders are set above or below price so that the market movement takes the trader into the trade. This also means that when the signal is sent, there is usually not a major rush, it also means that the members can duplicate my results easily.



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