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"Who else wants to attend a FREE online Forex seminar, where profitable trading techniques are revealed by a veteran trader. The same techniques he uses to extract profit from the Forex market every week.


Seminar Outline

  • Exposing Forex Myths. (This will save you time and money).
  • The first thing you should do before you begin trading.
  • What really drives the market and why prices move.
  • The truth about Support and Resistance. What works and what does not.
  • Price action and how it could be the missing link in your trading toolbox. This section alone could change your trading life.
  • The "Simple Trend line Trading System". Using trend lines in a new and unique way. At last you will know exactly when to open that trade!
  • The "simple Take Profit System". Now you are in the trade how far should you let it run? I guarantee that you have never seen this technique before. I'll show you exactly how to set it up.
  • Organization and personal confidence. Don' t be fooled. This is the single most important reason for success and failure.
  • Position Sizing, money management and why pips should not be your main focus.
  • Live Questions and Answers. I will stay in the seminar for as long as it takes to answer all your questions.


This is the first time I have ever revealed any of my trading systems. I guarantee that you have never seen my trend line trading technique. I guarantee that you have never seen my take profit technique.

I want you to know right now that this seminar will contain complete information. It is NOT one of those seminars that reveal only a small part, and then promote the paid version. There is no paid version. I will not hold anything back from you regarding these techniques.

I run a forex signal trading service, so I often get phone calls from struggling traders. Here is a very nice comment from one such trader:

I spoke to you [on the telephone] about 3 months ago, and you had some great advice and insight to the market. I got into this market with [well known company name removed] and have attended some of the classes they offer. That has helped, but they just talk a lot about their charts and not the reason behind how, what, and why the markets move the way they do. It makes it hard for a newbie to understand the FX market. I don't want to blow air, but I can say that the conversation we had, along with the bad results that I have experienced in the past, have really turned things around for me. As you suggested at the time, I have only been trading 1 or 2 mini's, and my account has grown, rather than the spiral downward that was taking place. You just made total sense to me, and I would encourage any endeavor you have to train folks like me. - Chris Girard, Texas


So why am I doing this free seminar? I do have a motive. But my motive is a win win situation for both of us.

I'm in the process of developing a complete course on forex trading. As you know there are already courses out there. I want mine to be the very best. No fluff. No unrealistic claims. Just real forex information that works. I want to use this seminar to see what type of questions are asked. These questions will tell me what was difficult to understand, and what needs to be made clearer. That's it.

You will get FREE access to my information, and I get to make my product better. A win win situation.


Who are you?
I'm a full time professional trader who works from my home office overlooking the Rocky Mountains. I have the freedom I always dreamed of. In my early career, I was lucky enough to learn from a successful institutional trader. I eat, sleep, and drink trading. I love every minute of it.

When is the seminar?
The seminar will be held at 8pm Eastern time. On October the 3rd. I will send log in details to those who bid.

Will there be a limit on spaces?
Yes we can only hold 100 attendees in our online room. Please register by sending an email to  

How do I register?
Please register by sending an email to  


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