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A Typical Scenario
We send our signals to your cell phone, email or through our online trade room. When you get the alarm, you move to your computer and set a limit order. Then you go back to bed or on with your day. It is important that you do not miss a signal as it could be the start of a week long trend. When we enter the trade, we use custom designed MT4 software to manage it for the remainder of the trades life. So even if you have to get up in the middle of the night to enter a trade, you can go right back to bed again and let the software do the rest. This is available in the download area once you join.

Hearing the Alarms
Unlike most signal services, you do get time to enter as we use limit entries. So your results will look like my results!

Money Management
Upon joining you will be able to download a custom calculator to calculate lot sizes for your account size. The calculator is designed to keep you within your own risk level.

Locking in Profit
Our primary goal is swing trading. Swing trading is somewhere between day trading and long term trading. Trades usually last for more than 1 day but less than around 2 weeks.

Our automated trade manager will take profit at different levels set by us. One of the greatest things about this system is its ability to filter out those trades that seem to turn the moment we enter. We do not use market entries, only limit entries.

Once the trend takes hold, the trade manager will begin to move stops behind the remaining positions.

The last position is left to run and is managed by the custom MT4 trade manager and by us with further signals to suggest different TP levels.

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