Major Differences in the HumanEA V 0.97 Release

Because of timelag limitations I had to completely re-think the way the HumanEA worked. The fastest reaction I could get was 7 seconds which was too slow for many reasons. Also the server/client relationship with the HumanEA was causing problems as on the internet, servers can go down, packets can drop and many other factors can occur.

To speed things up I have taken a totally different approach. Instead of connecting to a web server, the new system will now connect directly to a (soon to be) live trading account. This is the fastest route to collecting trades made by In fact, most trades are now duplicated in under 1 second.

How these changes effect current installations

If you already have the HumanEA installed on your broker account you only need to upgrade that to Version 0.97. In addition to this you will need another version of MetaTrader with another version of the HumaneEA installed, called HumanEA Signal. I have pre-packaged a complete MetaTrader with everything pre installed. You can find that in section A of the install page.

I highly recommend that you watch both videos in the How It Works section to understand the new system fully.