Setting up HumanEA Receive in your Current or Newly Installed MT4

If you have not watched this video yet, it will help you understand the end result. (Turn off popup Blockers)

How It Works Flash

How It Works WMV


These instructions are to Setup the HumanEA Receive on your MetaTrader Account. HumanEA Receive is used for your live trading account or your Demo trading account.

Regardless of if you just installed a new MetaTrader or if you're using your existing MetaTrader, the instructions below apply the same. If you have not completed STEP B and installed the HumanEA Receive, the following will not work.


1. Open a Chart


2. In the Navigator window ( Ctrl + N ) in the View Drop menu, locate the Human EA Receive in the Expert Advisors section as below and... ( NOTE: the name was changed from HumanEA to HumanEA Receive)


3. Drag and drop it anywhere in the chart.


4. Copy these settings EXACTLY as below (common tab)

and.. (Inputs Tab)


5. The Chart will show it is loading as below


6. You should see the following in the top right and left corners.


7. If you see: a cross like this.

You will need to turn on Experts by clicking here:

Until you see this:


8. If you see this unhappy face. Continue with the instructions and then do the steps in troubleshooting below.

9. Open the options window in the tools drop menu


10. In Expert Advisors copy EXACTLY as below.


You can get feedback from the top left hand corner of the window. It should be counting...


In the Terminal Window ( Ctrl + T ) in the Experts Tab you will get constant feedback about what the EA is doing.


For Windows Vista Users.

There is an extra step windows Vista Users need to take. Please see this forum post for details.


End Result

From STEP A, You should now have 1 Version of MetaTrader Connected to Forex Signal Live with HumanEA Signal Installed. This should be running.

From STEP B, You should now have the HumanEA Receive installed on your broker platform where your live (or demo) trades are made.


Watch this Video to confirm the setup is installed correctly. (Turn off popup Blockers)

How It Works Flash

How It Works WMV


Trouble Shooting


Unhappy Face

If you still see this unhappy face. Close MetaTrader and re-open it. Then Close the chart with the Human EA on it and follow instructions 1 to 5 again. This will usually solve problems with the unhappy face icon. This is due to the way MetaTrader works and not how the EA has been programmed.


Windows Vista Issue

Because the Human EA uses built in Windows Components, MetaTrader must run in administrator mode. See this forum thread for more details: Vista User Issues

If you still cannot solve the problem, use the forum to post your questions: Here