The Affiliate Flow

  1. Bob wishes to promote the LFB.
  2. Bob signs up for the LFB affiliate program and is automatically assigned a tracking code by the LFB affiliate tracking software. [Tracking code bob23]
  3. Bob adds the tracking links to his website, to write his tracking code to all his visitors browsers, using a cookie. Extra Note
  4. Surfer Jim visits Bobs website and a cookie is written to Surfer Jims browser. Extra Note
  5. Surfer Jim reads about the LFB on Bobs websites and likes the sound of it.
  6. Surfer Jim visits the LFB
  7. Surfer Jim goes to the signup page at the LFB
  8. Surfer Jim enters his credit card details and is approved
  9. Surfer Jim is shown the, "thanks for joining the LFB" page.
  10. The "thanks for joining the LFB" page, checks jims cookies to see if anyone recommended him.
  11. The "thanks for joining the LFB" page finds a cookie, and sees the Tracking code bob23. Then it tells the tracking software that bob23 had a sale. Extra Note
  12. The LFB tracking software keeps track of how many sales bob23 has had, and will generate a payout total at any time the LFB admin needs one.

Possible Weaknesses in the System.

  1. The visitor has not allowed cookies to be written to their web browser. To deal with this problem, tracking software should be used that implements multiple tracking methods. Some of which include; cookies, Ip address and embedded link. The truth is that some will fall through the cracks. The affiliate just wants to see that the LFB is doing everything they can, to reduce the amount of people falling through the cracks.
  2. By the time the new customer comes to purchase a back end product like education, managed account etc (which pays the affiliate 20% residual??) the cookie is gone. To deal with this problem, the LFB customer database, should attach the referrer code to the customer, so that future sales can be credited.
  3. Many affiliate tracking systems only track the initial sale, so the residual 20% needs to be tracked somehow. This can be done in the same way, just attach the referrer code to the customer, in the LFB customer database.

Good Tracking Software

From my research the Platinum Edition of Idev far outshines the nearest competition. I highly recommend it.