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Put an end to your trading problems

Join our Live Trading Room & We'll Give you our Trading Signals, Teach You Our Most Guarded Systems and Mentor You in a live market.

If you don't have time to be in our room we also have Automatic Signal Duplication Software.

Now you can learn the exact systems we use to cash in on the Forex market every day


Live, transparent 'in-the-market' Trading Signals. We're not hiding!

Auto. Signal Duplication. You don't even need to be at your PC!

Learn to profit consistently and systematically with our systems.

We reveal all our systems and all our secrets.

Protect your money! Learn positions sizing and money management

Overcome debilitating 'trader psychology' issues

No need to trade alone, we are with you every day, Live!


You will finally gain the skills required to trade confidently, systematically and profitably and you'll never need to buy another system, robot or signal service again!

Dear Friend,

We are three professional traders (Dale, Roger and Mark) who have joined together to teach struggling traders in our live, interactive forex trading room every day.

We have a combined 39 years of trading experience so we have seen many trading cycles come and go. We have seen what works and what does not.

Our objective is clear, we are in the top 5% of traders who are profitable, and we want to show serious traders how to get here too. We believe the best way to do that is a combination of online training in live webinars and in the market trading and mentoring to reinforce the concepts.

Let me ask you a question...

  • Could you learn to drive a car, without actually driving on the road?
  • Could you learn to swim by never getting wet?

It's true that you could read some theory about driving or swimming but until you dive in, it's just that, theory.

Trading's the same, the best way to learn is by watching professional traders, slice and dice the market and make trades. This way you can have confidence in their advice and have confidence in the systems they are teaching.

You are going to get, Powerful Trading Signals to keep you going while you learn and powerful mentoring to get you to a stage where you wont need us anymore.

Any questions? Give us a call (you will speak to a trader not a salesperson): Dale on 1-800 899 2327 or Mark on 347 732 5222

What you get each month..

  • Automatic. Signal Duplication System. So you don't miss trades when you can't be in the room. If you don't have time to trade you are welcome to just use the duplicator.

  • 20 trading days spent with our professional traders in the live room.

  • 20 trading days of 'in the market' education.

  • 20 trading days of Live trading Signals.

  • 20 x 24 Hour access to the live room to interact with other traders.

  • 8 or more live training webinars (at least 2 a week).

  • Full use of the trade duplicator which will duplicate all our trade calls for a month without you needing to be there.

  • We will teach you our systems and trading methods.

  • We will provide all our trading indicators for the SDA system and any other tools we use.

!!! Every Day, FX traders risk $300 in minutes or hours! 'Risking' $277 for knowledge to capitalize on for the rest of your trading career, is the best trade you'll make this year!


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Pay by: Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer, Real-Time Bank Transfer, Direct Debit or USA/Canada E-Checks

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System Video's
1. Introduction to the SDA System
Take a good look at this simple but highly effective system. It quantifies, entry, how long to stay and exit in a very clear way.
2. Change your trading Forever!
Once you have watched this video and understood it's content, it should change the way you view the market forever!
3. Powerful Chart Pattern Pays Again!
Dale shows a very powerful currency trading chart pattern that once understood becomes a great way to confirm turning points in the market
  All our testimonials are from current members you will still find using our trading room every day

"By the way it was a great first impression I've got today from the live trading room. Like you said yesterday on the phone, Dale knows what he is talking about"
Michael Lauwers, Belgium

I wanted to write to you and let you know that the service you provide is a real pleasure to attend and participate in. It has made a great first impression and has given me some initial confidence in the FX market. All three of you guys provide us "new" traders a great perspective on the market, allowing us to tap into your brain trust and really start thinking like a big bank, veteran trader, etc.. One day I hopefully will possess the amount of knowledge to read and react to the market as you do. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Great Work!

Thanks again, Rob

Dale thanks for the past few weeks. Although I'm relatively new to Forex, I'm gaining confidence due to daily adherence to what you guys offer. The trading room is such a great place to learn as well as prosper. All trades are not winners but the percentage weighs heavily in your favor. The breadth of market knowledge you possess plus Rogers persistent application of caution and precision is a winning combination! The feed back from all in the room is amazing and everyone is so willing to contribute to the betterment of all in the room. Even as a rookie, I know I bring something to the table and I have received so much help in return. Common sense and rules to manage by, may not be, are not, my strong suit that is why it is so beneficial to listen to you guys and watch the live tutorials. While I'm still playing small ball as I call it, (bunting rather than swinging for a home run) you guys help me stay in a safe zone on money management. The decisions are still mine but thanks to you, Roger, Mark and others I can check and listen before I leap! As I gain experience I realize I'll be smart to keep listening and learning. Thanks for your mentoring skills and perception of both the market and how to lead this group.

Sincerely, Chris Cammack, Carlsbad California


New York, USA 347 732 5222 Timezone: GMT -5
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 403 668 5257 Timezone: GMT -7

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