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Forex Signal Results

A few notes:

  • I took 6 months off trading from Jan 08 to June 08.
  • I have been trading for 6 years and 4 years full time professionally.
  • *** No professional service, trader or money manager, reports pips in their results. Serious investors would find it very strange to be told how many pips were made, and not told how much money was made. Most services are not aimed at serious investors so they blind the inexperienced with big pip numbers, and never how much cash was made! All professional traders use 'percent account increase' for their results.
  • The results below are for my morning trading session, offered in this service They do not include any other trades I have done outside of those times.



Personal % Account Increase -
These are the only numbers you should care about! Remember I use VERY tight stops which means greater profit on the winners.

June 08 Nice month 35% Account Increase
July 08 Nice month 37% Account Increase
August 08

Excellent month.

Account doubled in 3 months

42% Account Increase
September 08 Credit meltdown began 14th Sept. Sat and watched for a while. Cut my trading activity down 17% Account Increase
October 08 Credit Meltdown continues
Trading is tough but still profitable!
21% Account Increase
November 08

Credit Meltdown continues
Trading is tough but still profitable!

Account increase 50% in 3 months

12% Account Increase
December 08 Credit Meltdown continues.
Trading is tough but still profitable!
Getting a little easier.
17% Account Increase

NOTE: 150% in 6 months


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