Mark Samuels

Background: Mark Samuels has over twenty years experience in the stock, futures and Forex markets in varying capacities as an analyst, broker, trader and portfolio manager. Since 1979, Mr. Samuels has traded for his personal account and has managed discretionary accounts for individuals and institutional accounts, including Commodity Corp. (a division of Goldman Sachs), Itafin, and the Laurentian Bank of Canada, based on his proprietary trading methods and analysis.

During his trading and brokerage career, Mr. Samuels was a senior broker and officer with Merrill Lynch, EF Hutton, Drexel, Burnham & Lambert, and Oppenheimer & Co. and a senior portfolio manager with Bridgewater U.S.A. and Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co.

Mr. Samuels has spent thousands of hours developing his proprietary trading methodology and has worked extensively in the areas of portfolio optimization, risk management and trading strategy development.

The main objective of the Mr. Samuels trading and risk methodology is to achieve superior returns for investors over the long term during all markets and economic conditions as compared to normal asset classes of investment.

Mr. Samuels takes short and medium term positions in various major currencies based on proprietary technical indicators and prudent risk/money management principles.

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